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If you wish to opt-out of Audianc Solutions Ltd.’s behavioral advertising, please click here Opt-out

By opting out, you will prevent the Audianc ad serving systems from serving behaviorally targeted advertisements to your browser.

Advertising and Content Served through Audianc

Audianc Solutions Ltd. firmly believes in the importance of online privacy for its advertisers, publishers, and users. Audianc Solutions Ltd., through its Audianc ad server technology, does not collect any personally-identifying information before, during, or after the delivery of its clients’ advertisements; our ad delivery technology may collect non-personally identifying information for the purposes of targeting and measuring advertising campaigns. Measurement of advertising campaigns consists of calculating performance metrics associated with non-personally identifying data, such as the total number of delivered impressions (advertisement exposures), the click-through rate of advertisements, the unique number of browsers exposed to an advertisement, etc.

In the course of providing clients with ad serving services and for the purpose of helping clients determine which advertisement is suitable to be delivered to a user, Audianc technology may employ cookies to collect non-personally identifying information. A cookie is a small text file that can be stored on a user’s computer when that computer’s browser views an advertisement or website of one of Audianc’s clients or partners. The Audianc cookie is unique to the user’s browser. The cookie does not contain the user’s name, address, phone number, Email address, or anything that personally identifies the user. Audianc Solutions Ltd. collects only non-personally identifying information such as the type of operating system used by the user, the type of Internet browser software used by the user, the address of web pages where ads were viewed by the user and the time at which the ads were viewed, the geographic location of the user, the address of advertiser websites viewed by the user in the past.

The Opt-Out Cookie

Audianc Solutions Ltd. allows users to opt out of the Audianc ad-serving cookie so that no unique information related to the user’s past browsing history or behavior is used for targeting of advertisements. Opting out of the Audianc ad-serving cookie does not stop advertisements from being served to the user’s computer; rather, it prevents historical user browsing data associated with the user’s browser cookie from being used when targeting advertisements to the user. Please note that the opt-out mechanism used by the Audianc ad server requires your browser to accept third-party cookies from Audianc Solutions Ltd.

If you wish to opt-out of Audianc Solutions Ltd.’s behavioral advertising, please click here. To opt back into Audianc Solutions Ltd.’s behavioral advertising and view advertising more relevant to you based on your historical browsing behavior, please click here.

Note that all other cookies associated with your browser will remain intact and your opt-out will be effective for the entire life of your browser on your hard drive or until you delete the cookie file from your hard drive. This opt-out process will prevent the Audianc ad serving systems from serving behaviorally targeted advertisements to your browser, but will not delete cookies from your browser. It is necessary to store the Audianc “Opt Out” cookie on your computer in order that you be recognized as an opt-out user.

Third Party Disclaimer

On occasion, an advertiser may request that Audianc Solutions Ltd. provides or assists in the data collection of information supplied voluntarily by consumers within the body of Audianc delivered ads, which may include personal information fields completed by the user. Audianc Solutions Ltd. does so only on behalf of that advertiser. This information is understood by Audianc Solutions Ltd. to be used solely by that advertiser for the purposes identified within the advertisement to provide the user with requested goods, services or information as established within that advertiser’s privacy policy. Audianc Solutions Ltd. is not responsible for the advertiser’s use of this voluntarily supplied data. Audianc Solutions Ltd. does not distribute this information to any party other than as indicated in the advertisement. Audianc Solutions Ltd. never associates any of this information with any data gathered or used in the delivery of that advertisement. This information is provided directly to the advertiser, and is not collected or kept by either Audianc Solutions Ltd. or the publisher’s site on which the advertisement is displayed.

GDPR, Data Sharing, Onward Transfer

In providing its services, Audianc Technologies works with a variety of third-party vendors and partners. These include advertisers, publishers, data providers, content providers, and other service providers. Audianc Technologies may share non-PII with them, including statistical, demographic, contextual, behavioral and predictive information, about our users and their use of the technology, to the extent necessary for Audianc Technologies to provide the its services. We may also enhance the non-PII collected via our technology with non-PII collected from trusted business partners. Audianc Technologies endeavors to keep such information in an anonymous non-PII format, which cannot be used to contact or identify any person individually.

Audianc Technologies will fully abide by GDPR data practices and will NOT collect nor share personally identifiable information including: Racial, ethnic, political, religous, genetic and biometric data. Learn more about how Audianc implements GDPR regulation here.

Audianc Technologies may share information about individuals as it deems reasonably necessary in order to comply with applicable law, to exercise and protect the legal rights of Audianc Technologies or its personnel and representatives, and to investigate, prevent or respond to suspected illicit activities, including fraud and threats of harm to individuals.

If Audianc Technologies sells all or part of its business, or if any of its departments or technology is acquired or merged with another company, we may transfer information about you, including PII submitted by you on our Web site, to the successor company as part of that transaction. To the extent consent is required under applicable law for such a data transfer, we will obtain your consent.

Data Transfers

Our technology is Hosted in the European Union. Given that we are an international business, our use of your information necessarily involves the transmission of data on an international basis. Please be aware that information we collect may be transferred to and processed in the European Union and other applicable territories in which the privacy laws may not be as comprehensive as or equivalent to those in the country where you reside and/or are a citizen.

Changes to This Document

Audianc Solutions Ltd. reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of this policy at any time and without notice. We will make every effort to post any changes to this policy in this area so that you are aware of the information we collect, how it is used, and under what circumstances is disclosed.


Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to contact@audianc.com

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